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About the SSYB

The State Statistical Year Book, (SSYB) is a yearly publication which presents the retrospective statistical series’ most important to the overall economic and social activities across the states of the Federation. Several domains such as environment, demography, employment, prices, and consumption and living conditions are captured with tables and graphical illustrations. This is relevant in line with the vision and mission of the National Statistical System (NSS) which is to be, a proactive, coordinated, well-managed and resourced system capable of meeting statistical data and information needs of society towards sustainable national development.

The mission of the NSS is to raise public awareness about the importance and role of statistical information; collect, process, analyze and disseminate quality statistical data and information in a coordinated manner, promote use of best practices, international standards in statistical production, management and dissemination, promote the use of statistical data and information at all levels of human activity, build sustainable capacity for the production and use of statistical data and information in Nigeria.

The Act has in addition established a National Statistics Office, the “National Bureau of Statistics” (NBS) which plays the role of coordinator of the NSS with powers to collect, request and be provided with data throughout the country on a wide range of matters. The NBS serves as an institution responsible for the production of official statistics that is required to sharpen the apparatus for economic growth and development. The NBS is to adopt a suitable and acceptable methodology, definitions and standards (Compendium of Statistical Terms, Definitions, Concepts and Methodologies), across all agents of statistics in the country both at the state (SSA) and local government levels, in an effort to make statistics usable.

Prior to the presentation of the State Statistical Master Plan (SSMP) in 2006/2007, there was no framework to guide States in the production of statistics. Today, the situation in many of the states has changed considerably. Some have made efforts to improve their statistical production capacities aided by increased budgetary allocations. Many States have enacted their Statistical Edicts with support from NBS; some other States are at different stages of developing their Statistics Edicts; some State Bureaus of Statistics have been signed into law and have started implementation. This would undoubtedly improve the activities of statistics production at the state level and further complement the degree of national data production of the SSYB.

Good strides have been made in the domestication process of the SDGs in Nigeria, with the ongoing realignment of the NSS through the State Statistical Year Book (SSYB) with the requirements and indicators of the SDGs. This should strengthen the evidence based planning and accountability mechanisms at the State and Local government levels in Nigeria.

On demand, we can generate national report.


Mr. Biyi Fafunmi

Director Information and Communication Technology Department (ICT)

National Bureau of Statistics

FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +2348055460664
Email: biyifafunmi@nigerianstat.gov.ng

Mr. Tunde Adebisi

Director Corporate Planning and Statistical Coordinator Department (CPSCD)

National Bureau of Statistics

FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +2348035322799
Email: tundeadebisi@nigerianstat.gov.ng

Mr. Samuel Adakole A

Head, Donor Coordination Division

National Bureau of Statistics

FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +2347068121975
Email: samadakole@nigerianstat.gov.ng